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Ya Allah…!!

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kia ho gaya hai teray logon ko


Written by Junaid

January 30, 2015 at 4:22 PM

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Let it be the change we deserve

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Its been 63 days since PTI has started its Azadi March; I really don’t know how its gonna end…I believe no Siyasi Pandit can predict because this is happening for the first time in history of Pakistan.

But all I can say is, let it be the reason of change we deserve. So called politicians should atleast think for Pakistan or Pakistanis for once. Instead of listening to your advisers listen to the people of Pakistan, what we want? what we have been suffering? what we have been looking for?

People have awaken in Pakistan, from elite class to middle class to even taxi drivers. Listen to us for atleast once, lets not make dhandhli in elections. Listen to us, we as citizen of Pakistan might make our country as we want to be.

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October 16, 2014 at 2:09 AM

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I have to VOTE!!

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darn it man!!

I have to vote this time. Situation in Pakistan has really gone out of hand.
for 65 years we as nation has been treated as joke; everyone has considered us stupid and frankly we never disappointed them either.

It silly how a nation which came together after worst bloodshed in history of mankind is being treated yet again like animal; and frankly we are to be blamed. We never realized who we are as nation and what status we have.

We have been developing nation. We are the ones who started with thorn as paper clip and now nuclear power. We are nation of 180million from different cultures and back ground but still love calling themselves Pakistani.


We just need a leader; and WE have to select by ourselves.
WE have to realize what we are as nation and WE are capable of doing
and what our leader should be like

WE know it, I know

We all have to VOTE!!

Written by Junaid

April 29, 2013 at 3:17 PM

Mr. Jinnah on the first Anniversary of Pakistan on 14th August, 1948

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Citizens of Pakistan

Today we are celebrating the first anniversary of our freedom. A year ago complete power was transferred to the people of Pakistan, and the Pakistan Government, under the present Constitution as adapted, took over charge of the affairs of the country in its own hands. We have faced the year with courage, determination and imagination, and the record of our achievements has been a wonderful one in warding off the blows of the enemy which have been so often referred to before, especially the pre-planned genocide and pushing on with real constructive work internally. The result of our constructive and ameliorative work has gone far beyond the expectations of our best friends. I congratulate you all–my Ministers under the leadership of the Prime Minister, members of the Constituent Assembly and of the legislatures; officials working in various administrative departments and the members of the Defence Forces for what you have achieved during so short a period, and I thank the people of Pakistan from whom we have received patience and genuine support in every effort that we have made to put forward the program of the first year.

But that is not enough: Remember, that the establishment of Pakistan is a fact of which there is no parallel in the history of the world. It is one of the largest Muslim States in the world, and it is destined to play its magnificent part year after year, as we go on, provided we serve Pakistan honestly, earnestly and selflessly.

I have full faith in my people that they will rise to every occasion worthy of our past Islamic history, glory and traditions.

The story of the millions of refugees who had to flee from their homes across our borders and seek asylum in Pakistan is well known to you all. The tragedy occurred even before our State had had time to settle down. In fact it involved also a large proportion of the people who as Government personnel, were to set up the very machinery of the State. I know that it has not been possible to do all that might have been desired for these homeless and oppressed brethren of ours. There are still many hardships that many of them have to face. But the every fact that a large number of the refugees have already been rehabilitated in their new home, with the prospect of new and a happier life ahead of them, is an achievement of no mean order. But for the spirit of brotherhood shown by the people of Pakistan and the courage with which the people as well as the Government faced the almost overwhelming difficulties created by a catastrophe unparalleled in the history of the world, the entire structure of the State might well have crumbled down.

Disappointed in their efforts by other means to strangle the new State at its very birth, our enemies yet hoped that economic manoeuvres would achieve the object they had at heart. With all the wealth of argument and detail, which malice could invent or ill-will devise, they prophesied that Pakistan would be left bankrupt. And what the fire and sword of the enemy could not achieve, would be brought about by the ruined finances of the State. But these prophets of evil have been thoroughly discredited. Our first budget was a surplus one; there is a favourable balance of trade, and a steady and all-round improvement in the economic field.

One year is a brief period in the history of a State for finally assessing its progress or predicting its future. But the way in which tremendous difficulties have been overcome, and solid progress recorded during the last twelve months, gives a firm basis for optimism. In the administrative field, we had to start from scratch; at the center. And in the West Punjab, at the very inception of our State, we had to face very nearly a breakdown of administrative machinery. But I am glad to say that we have successfully dealt with all threats to our solidarity, and on some major questions of the day, the Pakistan Government has displayed not only its determination but its capacity to deal effectively with the various world problems that have arisen from time to time.

Nature has given you everything: you have got unlimited resources. The foundations of your State have been laid, and it is now for you to build, and build as quickly and as well as you can. So go ahead and I wish you God speed.

Pakistan Zindabad


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January 10, 2013 at 8:28 PM

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Connecting Malala’s incident with Waziristan Operation

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14-year old girl was shot while she was coming back from school is no doubt a very sad incident. Many conspiracy theories are also raising; but it would be really crazy to say that the Malala we know of doesn’t even exist or the girl taken to UK is not really hurt etc. I would say it’s another group of our society who is still not even digest that good brains can take birth in Pakistan. I believe that Malala is a 14-year old young girl with very level intelligence as she has the first hand experience of what she has expressed in her diary

Question is whether there should be military operation as a result of this incident!?

Many opposition parties and religious parties are being blamed for confusing the mango people by making relation of Malala incident with so-called War on Terror. On contrary; I would say government is the one making this relation, looking for reason to continue it’s military operations in Tribal Areas or fulfilling the Do-More policy of Mr. Sam. Here I want to conspire; to some extent it feels like all everyone is involved including our government and international community to take advantage of the life of poor girl for their objectives

Imran Khan yesterday proposed reasonable 3 point Peace Agenda for Tribal Area

  1. Pakistan should come out of US war
  2. Tribesmen should be made friends; & they should mediate dialogue between Militants and Pakistan Government
  3. If some militants do not try work for peace; then do selective military operation against those insurgents

And you know what is the sad; not any single politician or any journalist has even bothered to say some of good words or even bad words about this proposal. They find it more easy to say that “Imran is confused and trying to confuse the people”. Government is actually playing with our minds, brain-washing us and trying to convince us that military operation is revenge to Malala’s incident, remind me same incident of swat where little girl was beaten and military operation in SWAT was given a go from Assembly. Later if you remember Supreme Court declared it a fake incident.

To end I would peace should be given chance. I am convinced to the point that Karzai government backed by US is behind all insurgencies; because they are the one providing insurgents with sophisticated weapons other-wise 5th largest army of the world should have cleansed 100s of militants very easily.  

Written by Junaid

October 17, 2012 at 11:56 AM

Professionals In Pakistan

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Situation cannot get worse for professionals in Pakistan; with doctors protesting, engineers and technicians frustrated because of joblessness. And worst of the worst the fake degree holders are in the parliament making laws for us. It’s a shame

Young doctors of Punjab have been protesting for their demands. Their demand list mainly includes improving service structure for them and increasing budget allocation for health sector. I support them; even though I am an engineer but I still support Young doctor’s cause. Coz it saddens me that how educated professionals are being treated in Pakistan.

I feel like they are speaking for me also; coz I do have lot to say related to my profession. If doctor’s profession is for humanitarian cause; then engineering has totally become financial cause, which even becomes worst when there are no jobs. So we as engineer lacks humanity and we don’t get enough paid as well.

Engineering is completely privatized sector; when something is privatised then money is all what matters. You can sell life just for money. When I look back to the subjects I have studied in engineering; I am astonished to see the list of 45 subjects I passed and we are using hardly 1% of it; because when you come to job market you become employers of money hungry corporate world. Here your engineering skills are not mattered; the only thing matters, “Is this guy bringing money for us or not”. If you are; then you are the Hero, in other words how much a**-hole you are.

This frustrates me; when a doctor is called at night for emergency, he/she has a reason because he/she might be going to save someone lives; but when an engineer is called at mid-night; some corporation might be loosing money for not having internet service (solely related to Telecommunication engineers).

For this only Pakistan cannot be blamed; it is like this every where around the world. You must have noticed no where the art subjects are considered first choice or counted as highest merit subjects; engineering on other hand are always the named as the number 1 field of choice by universities; just because to fulfil industrial demands. In order to fulfil industries also agree to give as much as finance you need; but when you are not needed, it’s not hard for them to release you because you are no more financially suitable for them; even though you have served them for decades

But situation worsen in Pakistan when you have increasing load-shedding, industries closing, business reducing, joblessness increasing and doctors protesting. It’s not good news for professionals; doctors and engineers alike, and certainly not for the suffering Mango people.

I know government can’t do much for engineers as it’s a global issue, but they can do for doctors. They can respect there professions; they should realize the people you consider “maseeha” also need to live normal life. Don’t you think people who are there and give their whole life to help the sick, deserve much more than they have right now. At least they deserve much more than fake degree holders sitting in the parliament.

It’s a mess; I hope something good come out this. Government should consider that these Young Doctors are present and the future; they deserve respect; not jails.

Written by Junaid

July 5, 2012 at 6:21 PM

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Its been 4 months!

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Its been four months since I last updated my blog … seems like forever. I do have lot of excuses; you can consider them lame but there are some reasons, on the top being “My Job”

Its been crazy nowadays. I never would have thought that my whole life will just become job, job and job; doing job, worrying about job … leaving late from work; working on weekend! its like my whole universe is circling around work.

Now the point has come that I have started thinking ‘is it really worth it!?’

*Thanks a millions to God what Je has given me, but I have got the right to think*

Is it really worth it to dedicate this all time for work? Am I getting in return what I really deserve? Its not about financial pay back … its about what I am getting as a human being, as member of society or as a family man. Or or what am I giving back to society!?

Is my whole dedication to work just for greedy corporate world. Just imagine … *I dont want to be big mouth* but … I or we as corporate slaves work for hours just for the benefit of big corporations; our work make them millionaires and all we got is little pocket and they also take our LIFE from us.

May be I am being too sensitive or exaggerative but even the corporate culture is changing now; going from bad to worst. Because of financial crisis, more education, more man-power but less jobs has made this corporate world a living hell. Now its not about keeping your employee happy for the productivity of company; now its about threatning them to loose their jobs or die with hunger if you dont work for them.

I dont know why I become engineer but I know it was not for feeding these couple of corporate giants literally ruling the world.

May Peace, Love and Justice prevail in this world.

Note: This blog was updated while lying in bed and trying to sleep thinking of job tomorrow … so never mind

Written by Junaid

December 6, 2011 at 12:28 AM

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