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Talking Impressively

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I have enjoyed a very interesting respectful school and college life. I wasn’t bad with friends, teachers didn’t hate me, I could debate; definitely not up to standards of politicians or orators but of school level. One interesting thing that I was filler for any missing person in the morning assembly … I mean to say, if there was no one available to recite the Holy Quran to start the day, I had been available to do that; if there was no one to sing the national anthem, at your service; if there was no one to make morning speech, I was always there.

Here I want to share one of the morning speeches I did at my school morning assemble, as it was extempore so it was never documented. So, here it is after almost 10 years.

“Today I will try to explain the difference between casual talking and talking impressively. By casual talking I mean, the normal style of chatting by using usual words we do every day. Impressive talking can be the way of expressing ourselves by selective specific words so the listener can be affected. I will try to explain by two examples.

Take an example of final match of badminton tournament. I have played the final match and lost it; and if I have to break this news to one of my best friends, there can be two ways to do that. I can say, “Sorry, I lost the final match”, if he is very good friend of mine definitely he will share my feelings and will feel sad, which is a natural response. But If I tell him that, “I stood runner-up in the badminton tournament” definitely my friend will be very excited by listening to this good news. So you can see that, to difference sentences having same meanings but totally different expressions of the listener.

Once upon a time there was king; more like my childhood story … 😀 …. Anyways, there was a king who had a dream which was making him crazy. He needed to know what that dream meant and why it has been driving him crazy. He called upon one dream teller; after listening to the king’s dream the teller said, “Your family will die in front of you.” This made the king very angry and he ordered his men to chop off his head. He called upon other dream teller who was famous for his wise. When king asked him about his dream, the wise dream teller said, “You will lead the longest life among your family.” This made king very family and granted him gold.”

This story might sound childish, but you can see that two sentences completely different from each other but having same meanings had exactly opposite effect on the next person.

So always talk impressively as it affects the feelings of the other person … :)”


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February 21, 2011 at 4:36 PM

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Who took my chicken!?

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Hey there! Happy Chinese new year to you.

I am sure you must have enjoyed and celebrated the event a lot. You must have visited your family, your grand mother prepared tuanyan dinner for your, you watched tv, played cards, enjoyed colourful fireworks. You must have run after your mother to get money to buy paper lamps, woke up all night and chatted with your friends.

Keeping that in mind we thought why not to celebrate this New Year by our own way. We all agreed to gather to the roof top of ZTE apartment building and do … BBQ!!!!

Isn’t that amazing? Some of our friends bought chicken wings and sautéed them with spices so it can be barbequed. We all gathered at night, picked our bbq sticks, lit the coals and started barbequing the wings by ourselves; it was kind of self-service.

We all took spicy chicken, stuck it to the stick, oiled and put them on the coals to be cooked. But all of sudden we noticed that our wings started missing. Oo my god!! We got chicken wing thief among us!!! We got to catch that culprit, but all in vain; seems the thief must have been the hungriest person among us.

After filling our tummies and having cold drinks, we took guitar and started playing “beautiful melodies”. I should emphasize on “beautiful melody” with commas as it was the divesting melody we our listened. We engineers are good at handling network but today it proved that we can be the worst of musicians. Hahaha … it was fun playing guitar and teasing everyone with his own style of melody.

It was getting late but no one was willing to go back home, we decided to leave for some cafe outside to have something to have drinks and smoke sheesha. We spend almost all night and came back home after having great chit-chat and thinking about of our families at home.

It was fun and never forgetting night, but the chicken wing thief was still not found. We satisfied ourselves by thinking that chicken wings must have flown away by itself.

Happy New Year People!

May this year bring peace and blessing to whole world.

Written by Junaid

February 7, 2011 at 10:20 PM