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Does it hurt when you talk !?

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Just writing this to tell what difference it makes to talk casually and to talk impressively. Allow me to explain with example.

Just say that, I am going to play the final match of badminton, and for sake of example I loose the match; which is also a high probability. Anyways, I lost it and I have to tell this news to my best friend who really wants me to win this match. If I tell him, “Sorry man, I lost the final match”, he must very sad; that his friend has lost the final match. That’s the one way of telling this particular news. Ok! if for instance I tell him like, “Hay! I stood runner up in badminton”, he surely feel very happy about it and want me to hug or something.

So people you can very well see that one news, same meaning but different way of expressing gave you different reactions. always remember to talk impressively as it affects the feelings of others.


Written by Junaid

March 30, 2010 at 5:08 AM

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