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Living the moment!

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I have to admit; I have never been a good writer or a good reader; or even good sportsman for that matter. But there is always something going on in mind; which I want to express, which I want to say whether it is worth-reading or not.








I have been living in this world for 25 years now; I know it’s not that much for 60 year olds, but still its quite long time for me. My life can be easily divided into 5 phases. My first 5 pre-school years which I really don’t remember, may be one thing that I once my father; what is his name (blushing).  2nd phase can be school time, then my 2 years college life. 4th my university life and 5th is the phase which I am living right now, my practical life. I have been good in all the phases of life; if not best, but still I can’t think of anything which has affected my life as a whole. I know; I wasn’t a bad student in school, I was also debater or competitive guy in my college, I had great fun in university with my friends and social activities; and now ZTE is good part of my practical life. My life is really useless or may be I am not a good expressionist. I like to believe the latter one as 25 years can’t be worthless.

I remember that I was a big fan of daydreaming. I use to do it hours and hours continuously, making a complete virtual life in my brain. Once; as I remember I went to bed at night but starting dreaming with open eyes until the dawn and pray-caller started calling for morning prayers with tears running down my eyes. I know what you are thinking; these dreams can’t be useless, right!? But still I don’t remember anyone of them. Seems like my dreams were just scattered pieces of different events, revised and filmed together in my brain; may be just entertainment so I wont feel bored.








Sigh! But wait!!

Don’t you think I have been living my moments!? I being good student in school was worth-mentioning at that time; my debating abilities were famous at my college times. My friendship was best in university days and now ZTE. Right!?

Yes! This is true, I like to live the moments; may be in my whole life I haven’t done anything promising but these moments will add to make a great life. I have lived and enjoyed the time and still doing it. I have enjoyed this time, writing this article is the moment of my life which is worth-mentioning, worth-reading and worth-publishing.


Written by Junaid

December 31, 2010 at 2:29 PM

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