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Renaming NWFP (Sarhad) Province – Pakistan

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As we know nowadays naming of NWFP is in the headlines. As we look into history it also make some sense why it should be renamed. As after 3 Anglo-Afghan wars, in which British face consequences which US is facing now. It is said in first Anglo-Afghan war only one British soldier came back alive. So the easiest way to control this region was by there good old tactic famously known as Divide and Rule. Which they successfully did and divided whole region into PATA (tribal areas), FATA, Federal Regions and NWFP (Sarhad). It was named Sarhad as border province in 1901, which frankly is not a name, just A Border Area.

Then following names originated in 1930s, namely Afghania, Pakhtunistan. There are some old names which have been worn by this area. Oldest name recorded was in Geek times in 500 BC, Paktia or Arachosia. Residents of this area were Paktians. Arachosia sounds to greek, Paktia can be voted. Then Pakhtunkhwa is supposidly also among the oldest names recorded. It is said poets at times of Shahabuddin Ghori in 1630s used Pakhtunkhwa in the poems. (e.g: “Pakhtunkhwa pa misal shpa wa, dai deewa wo pa andher ke”).

But in present times many questions can be raised, like at that time this area was part of Afghanistan and majority residents were Pakhtun or Pathan. But now this particular area resides Pakhtun, punjabi, hindko; as historically once Peshawar was part of Punjab. So keeping this mind; name should be non-controversial and representing everykind of ethinicity living here. The other main group is speaking against naming this province as Pakhtunkhwa, Pakhtunistan or Afghania are Hazara people. These people mostly reside in districts namely Abbottabad, Battagram, Haripur, Kohistan and Mansehra. Like Peshawar this Hazara was also under Punjab before formation of NWFP in 1901. Hazara people are definitly afraid of loosing their identity as there is no Party representing them and or even listening to them. PML-N is also not agreeing with these names as mostly voters of PML-N in NWFP are hindko speaking or Hazara people.

Names like Khyber and Abaseen are circulating around. Khyber becase of Khyber pass and Abaseen because of Indus river(father of rivers). They can be named or added to the main name as they seem non-controversial.

If we also take todays political situtaion in scenario, ANP which is almost 100% representing Pakhtuns defenitly want its name to be Pakhtunistan or Pakhtunkhwa. ANP can be now counted as very controversal party as all they thinking is Pakhtun, which you can very easily guess from their recent statements like talking about Urdu being on language of communication and not being national language and also adding Pakhtun regment in Army. (Well Pakhtun regment can be added, I got nothing against it). But ANP proposal needs to be checked very carefully.

So if we try summarzing all the names for this Province as Paktia, Pakhtunkhwa, Pakhtunistan, Afghania with Khyber and Abaseen as additional names. Well whatever the new name should be, it must be representing PAKISTAN. Not any race, creed, color, religion or ethinicity.

Long Live Pakistan.


Written by Junaid

March 29, 2010 at 9:17 PM