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Its been 4 months!

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Its been four months since I last updated my blog … seems like forever. I do have lot of excuses; you can consider them lame but there are some reasons, on the top being “My Job”

Its been crazy nowadays. I never would have thought that my whole life will just become job, job and job; doing job, worrying about job … leaving late from work; working on weekend! its like my whole universe is circling around work.

Now the point has come that I have started thinking ‘is it really worth it!?’

*Thanks a millions to God what Je has given me, but I have got the right to think*

Is it really worth it to dedicate this all time for work? Am I getting in return what I really deserve? Its not about financial pay back … its about what I am getting as a human being, as member of society or as a family man. Or or what am I giving back to society!?

Is my whole dedication to work just for greedy corporate world. Just imagine … *I dont want to be big mouth* but … I or we as corporate slaves work for hours just for the benefit of big corporations; our work make them millionaires and all we got is little pocket and they also take our LIFE from us.

May be I am being too sensitive or exaggerative but even the corporate culture is changing now; going from bad to worst. Because of financial crisis, more education, more man-power but less jobs has made this corporate world a living hell. Now its not about keeping your employee happy for the productivity of company; now its about threatning them to loose their jobs or die with hunger if you dont work for them.

I dont know why I become engineer but I know it was not for feeding these couple of corporate giants literally ruling the world.

May Peace, Love and Justice prevail in this world.

Note: This blog was updated while lying in bed and trying to sleep thinking of job tomorrow … so never mind


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December 6, 2011 at 12:28 AM

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