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Connecting Malala’s incident with Waziristan Operation

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14-year old girl was shot while she was coming back from school is no doubt a very sad incident. Many conspiracy theories are also raising; but it would be really crazy to say that the Malala we know of doesn’t even exist or the girl taken to UK is not really hurt etc. I would say it’s another group of our society who is still not even digest that good brains can take birth in Pakistan. I believe that Malala is a 14-year old young girl with very level intelligence as she has the first hand experience of what she has expressed in her diary

Question is whether there should be military operation as a result of this incident!?

Many opposition parties and religious parties are being blamed for confusing the mango people by making relation of Malala incident with so-called War on Terror. On contrary; I would say government is the one making this relation, looking for reason to continue it’s military operations in Tribal Areas or fulfilling the Do-More policy of Mr. Sam. Here I want to conspire; to some extent it feels like all everyone is involved including our government and international community to take advantage of the life of poor girl for their objectives

Imran Khan yesterday proposed reasonable 3 point Peace Agenda for Tribal Area

  1. Pakistan should come out of US war
  2. Tribesmen should be made friends; & they should mediate dialogue between Militants and Pakistan Government
  3. If some militants do not try work for peace; then do selective military operation against those insurgents

And you know what is the sad; not any single politician or any journalist has even bothered to say some of good words or even bad words about this proposal. They find it more easy to say that “Imran is confused and trying to confuse the people”. Government is actually playing with our minds, brain-washing us and trying to convince us that military operation is revenge to Malala’s incident, remind me same incident of swat where little girl was beaten and military operation in SWAT was given a go from Assembly. Later if you remember Supreme Court declared it a fake incident.

To end I would peace should be given chance. I am convinced to the point that Karzai government backed by US is behind all insurgencies; because they are the one providing insurgents with sophisticated weapons other-wise 5th largest army of the world should have cleansed 100s of militants very easily.  


Written by Junaid

October 17, 2012 at 11:56 AM

An “American Joker” Captured in Pakistan

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Whenever you come across any online newspapers, the best way to attract its reader towards any particular news is to put heart throbbing picture of any incident. If its suicide attacks in Iraq; the picture will be dead bodies with relative mourning around it. If it is brutal killing of any innocent Palestinian by Zionist in Middle East; the pictures will a funeral in shape of rally. If it is any entertainment news; the picture will any of any celebrity rock star with long hairs.

On 16th June paper of Al Jazeera, I opened news with picture of guy with long hairs and beard, hoping it to be some music related entertainment news. Well it wasn’t music news but surely was entertaining. An American was arrested in remote mountains of Chitral in Pakistan trying to illegally enter Afghanistan. He was taken to Peshawar for interrogation where he turned out to be 52 years old American constructor worker Gary Brooks trying to cross in to Nuristan Province of Afghanistan to hunt and kill Osama bin Laden.

What!!!?? That was my same expression!!

According to Pakistani police who initially investigated told the news reporters, we laughed while hearing to his intentions, but their suspicion grew when they found out hand long pistol with him. 52 years old Gary later told that he wanted to go Nuristan because he had, “heard bin Laden was living there” and he is confident, “God is with me, and I am confident I will be successful in killing him”. Pakistani official said, “We will also try to examine him with a doctor to see whether he has any past psychological history or problems”. He instead requested for medical assistant as “He is already a blood pressure and kidney patient, and he needs a doctor”. Because of his clean past records and his medical situation Pakistani authorities will let him loose. Interestingly international media referred him as “Bin Laden Hunter” and US media called him “American Ninja”.

My initial reaction was exactly the same as of Pakistani authorities, but it really changed after looking at American performance in 9 years long war in Afghanistan. Since US launched war in Afghanistan in 2001, US has lost more than 1000 troops, spend more than 3 trillion dollars and 9000 innocent Afghan civilians have lost their lives, still they were not able to catch one person Osama on his name this all war game started. Sending sick person like Gary looks like a last desperate strategy to get to him.

Does it?? Or it was Gary’s last resort to better his life after more than million people lost their jobs in US during last year’s financial crisis by getting 25-million-dollar bounty price for Osama bin Laden, the worlds most wanted man.

What ever it may be, but this news brings amusement and sadness to the world situation right now. Until this US led so-called War on terror remains and financial crisis persists, hunters, ninjas and jokers like Gary will keep on increasing.