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I have to VOTE!!

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darn it man!!

I have to vote this time. Situation in Pakistan has really gone out of hand.
for 65 years we as nation has been treated as joke; everyone has considered us stupid and frankly we never disappointed them either.

It silly how a nation which came together after worst bloodshed in history of mankind is being treated yet again like animal; and frankly we are to be blamed. We never realized who we are as nation and what status we have.

We have been developing nation. We are the ones who started with thorn as paper clip and now nuclear power. We are nation of 180million from different cultures and back ground but still love calling themselves Pakistani.


We just need a leader; and WE have to select by ourselves.
WE have to realize what we are as nation and WE are capable of doing
and what our leader should be like

WE know it, I know

We all have to VOTE!!


Written by Junaid

April 29, 2013 at 3:17 PM

Game uniting a Nation

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At time of political turmoil, high-rising food prices and insecurity, cricket gave a reason to Pakistanis to wake up as One United Nation.

On 30th march Pakistan and India played semi-final match of cricket world cup. Indian playing first gave achievable score of 260, but Pakistani team with its misfortunes and mistake failed to complete the targeted score loosing its team members at 231.

Even thought we lost but Pakistani cricket team united all of us when 18 crore Pakistanis cheered and prayed together for the success of our country.

I pray this day comes again and again in history of every nation, whether its coz of a game or any other reason.

Long Live Pakistan!!

Written by Junaid

April 1, 2011 at 4:35 PM

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