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Its been 4 months!

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Its been four months since I last updated my blog … seems like forever. I do have lot of excuses; you can consider them lame but there are some reasons, on the top being “My Job”

Its been crazy nowadays. I never would have thought that my whole life will just become job, job and job; doing job, worrying about job … leaving late from work; working on weekend! its like my whole universe is circling around work.

Now the point has come that I have started thinking ‘is it really worth it!?’

*Thanks a millions to God what Je has given me, but I have got the right to think*

Is it really worth it to dedicate this all time for work? Am I getting in return what I really deserve? Its not about financial pay back … its about what I am getting as a human being, as member of society or as a family man. Or or what am I giving back to society!?

Is my whole dedication to work just for greedy corporate world. Just imagine … *I dont want to be big mouth* but … I or we as corporate slaves work for hours just for the benefit of big corporations; our work make them millionaires and all we got is little pocket and they also take our LIFE from us.

May be I am being too sensitive or exaggerative but even the corporate culture is changing now; going from bad to worst. Because of financial crisis, more education, more man-power but less jobs has made this corporate world a living hell. Now its not about keeping your employee happy for the productivity of company; now its about threatning them to loose their jobs or die with hunger if you dont work for them.

I dont know why I become engineer but I know it was not for feeding these couple of corporate giants literally ruling the world.

May Peace, Love and Justice prevail in this world.

Note: This blog was updated while lying in bed and trying to sleep thinking of job tomorrow … so never mind


Written by Junaid

December 6, 2011 at 12:28 AM

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  1. I often come to your blog and read your previous posts – you did surprise me with this one.

    Good points you have made around the corporate world. Often, I use to ask myself the question: Do I live to work or work to live? But unfortunately I am still seeking the write answer for me.

    That said, I think its important to multi-task in the sense that you not only have a job but you have another source of income (i.e. small venture). There are no rules, although we are led to believe there are. So why can’t one work in a job but yet be involved in small ventures in the hope that one day, these trickle of experiences will merge into something big.

    The British Asian Blog

    December 15, 2011 at 6:06 PM

  2. I’ve been though this one before, first there is a spark or passion at the field you enter, then it becomes routine and you feel the life sucked from your veins into corporate hell.


    December 13, 2012 at 12:15 PM

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