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Let it be the change we deserve

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Its been 63 days since PTI has started its Azadi March; I really don’t know how its gonna end…I believe no Siyasi Pandit can predict because this is happening for the first time in history of Pakistan.

But all I can say is, let it be the reason of change we deserve. So called politicians should atleast think for Pakistan or Pakistanis for once. Instead of listening to your advisers listen to the people of Pakistan, what we want? what we have been suffering? what we have been looking for?

People have awaken in Pakistan, from elite class to middle class to even taxi drivers. Listen to us for atleast once, lets not make dhandhli in elections. Listen to us, we as citizen of Pakistan might make our country as we want to be.


Written by Junaid

October 16, 2014 at 2:09 AM

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