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Professionals In Pakistan

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Situation cannot get worse for professionals in Pakistan; with doctors protesting, engineers and technicians frustrated because of joblessness. And worst of the worst the fake degree holders are in the parliament making laws for us. It’s a shame

Young doctors of Punjab have been protesting for their demands. Their demand list mainly includes improving service structure for them and increasing budget allocation for health sector. I support them; even though I am an engineer but I still support Young doctor’s cause. Coz it saddens me that how educated professionals are being treated in Pakistan.

I feel like they are speaking for me also; coz I do have lot to say related to my profession. If doctor’s profession is for humanitarian cause; then engineering has totally become financial cause, which even becomes worst when there are no jobs. So we as engineer lacks humanity and we don’t get enough paid as well.

Engineering is completely privatized sector; when something is privatised then money is all what matters. You can sell life just for money. When I look back to the subjects I have studied in engineering; I am astonished to see the list of 45 subjects I passed and we are using hardly 1% of it; because when you come to job market you become employers of money hungry corporate world. Here your engineering skills are not mattered; the only thing matters, “Is this guy bringing money for us or not”. If you are; then you are the Hero, in other words how much a**-hole you are.

This frustrates me; when a doctor is called at night for emergency, he/she has a reason because he/she might be going to save someone lives; but when an engineer is called at mid-night; some corporation might be loosing money for not having internet service (solely related to Telecommunication engineers).

For this only Pakistan cannot be blamed; it is like this every where around the world. You must have noticed no where the art subjects are considered first choice or counted as highest merit subjects; engineering on other hand are always the named as the number 1 field of choice by universities; just because to fulfil industrial demands. In order to fulfil industries also agree to give as much as finance you need; but when you are not needed, it’s not hard for them to release you because you are no more financially suitable for them; even though you have served them for decades

But situation worsen in Pakistan when you have increasing load-shedding, industries closing, business reducing, joblessness increasing and doctors protesting. It’s not good news for professionals; doctors and engineers alike, and certainly not for the suffering Mango people.

I know government can’t do much for engineers as it’s a global issue, but they can do for doctors. They can respect there professions; they should realize the people you consider “maseeha” also need to live normal life. Don’t you think people who are there and give their whole life to help the sick, deserve much more than they have right now. At least they deserve much more than fake degree holders sitting in the parliament.

It’s a mess; I hope something good come out this. Government should consider that these Young Doctors are present and the future; they deserve respect; not jails.


Written by Junaid

July 5, 2012 at 6:21 PM

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  1. Promoting personal agenda.Ask those who have suffered,most probably your brother or sister is a doc.

    Splinter Blast

    July 5, 2012 at 8:31 PM

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