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I forgot my charger

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You people might be thinking after reading this article that Junaid is crazy, this article doesn’t make any sense. But what can I do, these stupid things go through my mind all the time.

So the story I want to share is that, today I left my laptop charger at my office. Yes!! My laptop charger, not my wallet, not my official documents, by LAAPTOOOP charger. Then I had to go back to office to pick it up as my laptop battery is not healthy enough to live more than two hours.

I came home and turned on my laptop to skype with my family back home. I searched my bag but wasn’t able to find the charger. If I want to chat, I got to have the charger otherwise I will be disconnected very soon. So I took my car and started driving towards the office. It took me almost one hour to reach my office with congested traffic and crazy drivers on the road. When I reached my office, entered the building and looked for my charger. Got the charger but found couple of my friends there doing overtime, chatted with them for couple of minutes asking what they are doing and how is their work going. Talked little bit about and what projects are going. On my way out of the building greeted the security guard, went to my car and started driving back home, again one more hour drive with crazy traffic. On my whole way I kept on thinking what the point of this? What have I done within these two hours? What I achieved by doing this? Seems like there are many things we do which are pointless, having no meaning and having no reason on the face of it.

We have always been told that time is an essence and we should be utilizing ever minute of our lives productively. So what the productivity of the one hour I spent to go back to work, chatted with couple of friends, took my charger, hello hi the security guard and again drove back to home. Don’t you think I have wasted almost 2 hours of my day for nothing?










Everyone have such non-productive hours in their day. Like I said going to work in one hour, why can’t I just fly to work or appear automatically without wasting any time. Like cooking, why can’t I just by magic cook my meal in a second so I can save hours of my cooking time? Like trying to write good article for more than an hour, but still not able to. I hope someone can explain me these parts of our lives.


Written by Junaid

January 20, 2011 at 12:09 AM

Posted in Life

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  1. cool story bro.


    January 21, 2011 at 6:43 PM

  2. me. meeee. I can explain. Oh pleeze pick meee!!


    January 23, 2011 at 12:38 AM

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