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My Addiction

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I have to admit, that I am addicted. I do it every day, every hour, not even knowing its early morning or late night; this proves that I AM ADDICTED. I am addicted to social networking sites; yes sites, with “s” at the end.

I had my personal account in almost all the networking sites, like facebook, linkedin, friendsters, myspace, orkut, QQ (rather Qzone) and ZTElite; beside all these sites I am 24×7 online on msn messenger, yahoo messenger, google talk and QQ. Yup!! Its called addiction, just feels like you are on drugs.

Question is, why this addiction? What is so fascinating about this sites that make you log in all the time?

I have never been a computer geek, I always liked to go out with friends and do some sports; big fan of football. But my addiction to computers started in university time when our class made an online study yahoo group, to share books and lectures so everyone can be kept up to date. Then couple of my other friends come up with an idea of yahoo group for complete batch, in which all the student of our batch were invited to join, which actually became hit. We started sharing information, event news, pictures, lectures and other stuff required, so I started visiting yahoo group alot and yahoo messenger to keep in touch with all of the students.

Then came Orkut, the first social networking site I ever used, and used it for 4 university years continuously. We friends also made one community called “Electrigators Coffer”, and soon I was made admin; so from here my addiction started. Posting, uploading, commenting thus Orkut became major part of my life. Though I was still outgoing, having fun, playing and all that, but still Orkut was must.

When I left university in 2006, orkut was phasing out and facebook took over the internet. Though initially I avoided joining it, but I wasn’t able to control my addiction of having more and more and more; so I joined facebook and still using it. Facebook seemed cooler as I found some very old school friends of mine. Then I also tried myspace, friendster for sometime but soon lost interest. And when I joined ZTE, ZTElite became my major interest as it allowed me to meet my colleagues working in other parts of the world.

Again coming back to the question that why this addiction, what it has given me beside laziness, logging in and logging out just to see who joined, who visited my profile, who commented, who posted and what should I reply? I was never able to understand this.

So let’s try sorting out the advantages and disadvantages of such networking sites.

These sites made me lazy and reduced my outdoor activities, but it made me meet my old friends. These sites made me stuck to the computers and effected my eyes, but it made me watch pictures of my friends to remind of them, it made me keep in touch with friends who got busy with their lives, it made me save the old memories, it made me share with each other, it made me look for new friends, it made me look at their country with their own eyes, these sites made me do many exciting things but still I miss my outdoor life, my active life.

So I am not sure whether these sites are good or not, but that’s for sure addiction can’t be good, over usage of anything is not good; we as human being should be genius enough to balance our indoor and outdoor activities to lead a balance life, after all we are social animals.

Keep on enjoying.


Written by Junaid

January 19, 2011 at 12:46 AM

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  1. You are absolutely right. Lets go out right now!


    January 19, 2011 at 12:57 AM

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