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Historic Town of Badr

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The small town of Badr, located 130 km south-west of Holy city of Madina in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Though it only covers a couple of square kilometres of area but enjoys great historic significance.

When Last Prophet of God Muhammad (Peace Be upon Him) left Makkah in 622 AD, towards Madina making it the first Welfare state of Islam, it was obvious that He would face resistance from his opponents. This opposition took the shape of war in 624 AD, which came to be known as Battle of Badr. That’s why this small town stores 1400 years long history.

Thanks to my job, I got a chance to visit this town. After visiting sites in Madina we left towards Red Sea town of Yanbu, we took small detour on our way to Badr.  The Battle field is still preserved where all the martyrs are buried. Because of intense security we were not able to take pictures of graveyard, but there proudly stands a monument with the names of martyrs engraved on it. I am honoured to have visited this historic place

Badr Monument


Written by Junaid

September 11, 2010 at 12:00 AM

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